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SCA 50th Anniversary

Danville, IN.

June 17th - 27th 2016

Gulf War

Lumberton, MS

March 13th - 20th 2016

Traditional Bowhuntersof Florida (T.B.O.A)

March 4th - 6th, 2016

UPCOMING EVENTS offers quality youth and adult traditional archery bows and archery  equipment at reasonable prices. We service the needs of youths and adults who prefer a traditional longbow for hunting, 3D target shooting, SCA combat and SCA target archery.

Elk Ridge Archery specializes in youth and adult traditional bows and cedar wood arrows. We custom build four youth bows, such as the Pilgrim Squirt Longbow (developed for the youngest archer of about 3 years old). We also custom  build six adult longbows for the serious bow hunter or target shooter.

We have bows in pink and purple. The perfect gift for a little girl. We also have English longbows and solid fiberglass bows from Martin and Bear Archery.

All Pilgrim Longbows are MADE IN THE USA.

Our Pilgrim youth bows are also available through:

Lancaster Archery at,

3 Rivers Archery at,

Artemis Archery at  

If your in Australia try:

Note: Our bows are not toys but are lethal pieces of archery equipment that will cast an arrow capable of doing bodily injury/property damage and should be used only with adult supervision.

ETAR (Denton Hill)

Cloudersport, PA.

July 22nd - 24th 2016

Pennsic War

Slippery Rock, PA.

July 24th - Aug 6th 2016

PA Bowhunter Festival

Forksville, PA.

Sept 16th - 18th 2016